Postdoctoral awards with New Europe College
Winners 2023-2024

Szabolcs LÁSZLÓ

Research project: Transcending the Cold War: Transnational Mediators, Professional Communities, and Hungarian-American Exchanges (1960s-1970s)

As a New Europe College Fellow, I will work on my book project that aims to reimagine the Cold War as an era of transnational exchange. I explore scholarly and artistic interactions between Hungary and the U.S. during the 1960s-70s, from scholarship programs to international conferences to literary residencies. I show that these collaborations were made possible by transnational mediators from both East and West, who ushered in processes of inter-reliant modernization on both “sides.”


Research project: From Illegal to Rulers: The Albanian Communist Party from its Foundation to the Seizure of Power (1941-1944)

This project aims to trace a social and political history of the Albanian Communist Party [Partia Komuniste Shqiptare – PKSh], in a period of time ranging from its foundation on 8 November 1941, until the seizure of power on 28 November 1944. Adopting an interdisciplinary and comparative approach, a deconstruction of the PKSh in the indicated period will be carried out, analyzing at the same time the partisan resistance led by it.