European political sociology

Political sociology is the study of political life using sociological methods, combining theory and empiricism. It is a branch of sociology that studies political power, public action, public policy, elections and voting, and social movements. It includes the sociology of voting (or electoral sociology).

Giovanni SartoriUniversités de Florence et de Columbia2007
Richard RoseStrathclyde University2009
Donatella della PortaEuropean University Institute2011
Virginie GuiraudonSciences Po Paris2013
Maurizio CottaUniversity of Sienna2015
Hanspeter KriesiUniversity of Zurich2017
Niilo KauppiUniversity of Helsinki2020
Olivier FillieuleUniversité de Lausanne2022
Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize offered jointly with the European Consortium for Political Research (E.C.P.R.)

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