Postdoctoral awards with New Europe College and Winners 2023-2024

Postdoctoral awards with New Europe College Winners 2023-2024 Szabolcs LÁSZLÓ Academic Year: 2023/ 2024 Field of Study: History Research Program: Mattei Dogan Affiliation: Institute of History, Research Centre for the Humanities, Budapest Position: Research Fellow Country: Hungary Research project: Transcending the Cold War: Transnational Mediators, Professional Communities, and Hungarian-American Exchanges (1960s-1970s) As a New Europe […]

CALL FOR CANDIDATES – Academic year 2023/2024

2023/2024 “Mattei Dogan Foundation” scholarship Scholarship 2023/2024 New Europe College – Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest (Romania) launches the competition for the 2023/2024 ‘Fondation Mattei Dogan’ Fellowship, a new opportunity offered by NEC to promising researchers. This Fellowship is addressed to early career scholars (up to five years after completing their doctorate) from Central […]

Mattei Dogan

Mattei Dogan : Pionnier de la recherche comparative internationale en sciences sociales A propos Sociologist and political scientist, trained in Romania, director of research at the CNRS, professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, Mattei Dogan (1920-2010) played a major role in the development of international comparative social science research.The result of an […]

The Mattei Dogan Foundation Collection

The Mattei Dogan Foundation Collection About The Mattei Dogan Foundation collection aims to disseminate and promote international comparative research in the social sciences. It thus intends to pursue in a global and interdisciplinary perspective the path opened by Mattei Dogan, a pioneer of political sociology and political science, maintained by the foundation of public utility […]

Political Science

Political Science Goal The Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize for Excellence awarded by the International Political Science Association is given to a scientist of high international standing in recognition of his/her contribution to the advancement of the discipline. Recipients Award The prize is awarded at the IAPS World Congress of Political Science. GuillermoO’Donnell   Kellogg Institute […]

European political sociology

Sociologie politique européenne Political sociology is the study of political life using sociological methods, combining theory and empiricism. Recipients It is a branch of sociology that studies political power, public action, public policy, elections and voting, and social movements. It includes the sociology of voting (or electoral sociology). GiovanniSartori   Universités de Florence et de […]


Démographie Sociology Goal This prize is awarded jointly with the International Sociological Association to a sociologist in recognition of his or her work and who enjoys a high international reputation in the sociological community. Recipients Award It is offered every four years on the occasion of the World Congresses of the International Sociological Association. NeilSmelser* […]


Demographics Goal The prize is awarded to a scientist of high international standing for the contribution of his or her work to the interdisciplinary development of population studies and the importance of international comparisons. Recipients Award The prize is awarded to a mid-career researcher to honour work already accomplished and to encourage further research.   […]

Political Science

Political Science French-language political science book prize   GillesDorronsoro Le gouvernement transnational de l’Afghanistan. Une si prévisible défaite, Karthala, 2021   2022 Awarded jointly by the French Association of Political Science and the Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize for the best doctoral theses in political science IvanBruneau La Confédération paysanne : s’engager à « juste » distance   Université […]

Social history

Démographie Social History Goal The Social History Prize is awarded by the Mattei Dogan Foundation and the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme to two excellent doctoral theses dealing with a subject of social history, in the broadest sense of the term, from the 19th to the 21st century, one on France and the other […]