Political Science

The Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize for Excellence awarded by the International Political Science Association is given to a scientist of high international standing in recognition of his/her contribution to the advancement of the discipline. The prize is awarded at the IAPS World Congress of Political Science.

Guillermo O’DonnellKellogg Institute for International Studies, Notre Dame University2006
Philippe SchmitterEuropean University Institute2009
Klaus von BeymeUniversity of Heidelberg2012
Ronald InglehartUniversity of Michigan2014
Theda SkocpolHarvard University2016
James ScottYale University2018
Maurizio FerreraUniversità degli Studi di Milano2021
Prize awarded jointly by the Mattei Dogan Foundation and the International Political Science Association (A.I.S.P./I.P.S.A.)

Terms and conditions of award

  • The prize is awarded to a scientist of international reputation in recognition of his or her contributions to the advancement of political science.
  • The prize is offered at each World Congress of the International Political Science Association.
  • Nominations for the award may be made in one of four ways
    1. jointly by two or more national IPSA associations
    2. jointly by two or more IPSA Research Committees
    3. jointly by four or more individual IPSA members from two or more nations
    4. by academic or university institutions
  • Nominees may be selected from among scholars who are not formally members of IPSA, and who are not involved in its activities.
  • Nominations are addressed to the President or Executive Secretary of IPSA. They shall emphasize the merits of the nominee and shall include biographies and bibliographies, as well as letters of recommendation signed by eminent political scientists, and any documents attesting to the nominee’s reputation, in particular citations in the academic literature.
  • The winner is chosen by the IPSA Executive Committee by secret ballot from among the nominees so proposed. Although the Executive Committee appoints some of its members to canvass and shortlist the nominees, the final choice is the prerogative of the Executive Committee. The election can be made by letter, e-mail or fax. The confidentiality of the vote is assured by a neutral office.
  • The prize is awarded on the basis of scientific and academic merit, excluding any reference to ascriptive criteria (religion, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, colour, or geographical origin).
  • Members of the IPSA Executive Committee or its Council, as well as Chairpersons, Vice-Chairpersons and Secretaries of Research Committees are not eligible for this award. Former holders of these positions become eligible four years after the end of their last mandate.
  • The prize may be offered to a coherent group of political scientists who have worked together for years on a major project that enjoys a high reputation in the international political science community.
  • In case of a tie, the prize may be shared between two winners.
  • The award ceremony takes place during the IPSA World Congress in a plenary session (the so-called presidential session) and is announced as such in the Congress programme. The winner is introduced by the IPSA President who invites him/her to give a lecture on a topic of his/her choice. This ceremony takes place during the first or second day of the Congress.
  • Two months before the date of the Congress, the President of IPSA sends the biobibliography of the laureate to the Mattei Dogan Foundation, certifying that he/she has been selected according to the above procedure. The President of the Foundation shall send to the President or Executive Secretary of IPSA a cheque for US$5,000 on behalf of the winner. The amount of the prize is revalued periodically according to the official rate of inflation.
  • The competition will be announced in an appropriate manner and nominations will be openly invited.
  • This agreement is annexed to the notarial deed creating the prize. As the Foundation is recognised by the French authorities as an establishment of public utility, a copy of this agreement is deposited with the Prefecture of Paris. Amendments to this agreement are possible by mutual consent of the Foundation and IPSA.

For information and nominations, contact the secretariat of the International Political Science Association, 1590 Doctor Penfield Avenue, Suite 331, Montreal, QC, H3G 1C5 Canada or e-mail: ipsa@alcor.concordia.ca